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Numerology 1.4.2t

Numerology 1.4.2t

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Numerology Publisher's Description

Numerology is a revolutionary new virtual studio environment from a small company known as Five12. It is a modular sequencing and Audio Unit hosting environment designed for performing musicians. It works by giving the user an organized workspace within which they can quickly create and connect together a variety of modules for sequencing, MIDI generation, automation, audio synthesis and effects. By using Numerology in conjunction with your choice of Audio Unit plugins and hardware synths, you can create an open compositional environment that is truly your own.

The sequencing modules in Numerology follow a model similar to that originally used by analog sequencers: The user creates sequences of general-purpose control values that can be routed to other modules to control generation of MIDI Notes, CC, NRPN or Pitch Bend messages. These streams of MIDI data can either be routed to Audio Synthesizers running in Numerology, or external MIDI hardware and software, or both.

Numerology uses a revolutionary new approach to sequencing that we refer to as 'Discrete Sequencing'. What this means is that separate sequencing modules are used for Pitch, Gate (note duration), and Velocity. In addition, Pitch values are expressed as offsets from a base value rather than absolute values.

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